X-ray technicians utilise cutting-edge methods of imaging for visualising the inside parts of human body. The images they come up with help the doctors or physicians to rightly diagnose and treat the ailments or injuries of the patients.

An X-ray technician takes the brief medical history, explains the procedure to the patient and answers their queries. The patient is positioned as per the requirement, and other parts are covered or protected from radiation. As per the written orders from the doctors, the technician performs the procedure. X-ray technicians work with a wide variety of imaging technologies like traditional x-ray machines, computerised axial tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), fluoroscopy and film and digital mammography.

  • Job Prospects: After the completion of the course, they get opportunities to work in Government, private and public hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres and other related areas.
  • Eligibility and Duration: Students must have completed a standard 12th pass to apply for this course. It is spread over a period of one year. Practical classes are held to give working knowledge to the students. Periodic assessments will help the students to learn the subject in a systematic manner.
Course NameX-Ray Technology
Level of StudyCertificate
Eligibility12th Pass (PCB/PCM)
Duration2 Years